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Full automatic
parking & charging system
that holds valuable data
to create Smart Cities.

Drifter World unleashes the full potential of a city.

We aim for an interactive and responsive environment for society, and to deliver reliable solutions for the administrators.

Watch the video below to understand the Drifter’s impact on a city.

DrifterBOX is changing the game

DrifterBOX, which can be installed at many points in a city, fully automates parking and charging for drivers, while providing valuable, reliable and real-time data for the businesses and municipalities.

AI Engine embedded DrifterBOX can monitor 50 parking spaces.

  • Smart parking & charging (no app needed!)
  • License plate recognition
  • Congestion determination & prediction
  • Incorrect parking determination
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4 important benefits of SMART PARK & CHARGE with DrifterBOX

Benefits Plugcharge
Drifter D M

Plug & Charge

  • No App Needed
  • Works for all OCPP charge stations
  • Customer satisfaction
Benefits Seamless Parking
Drifter D M

Seamless Parking

  • No App Needed
  • No invoice processing time & costs
  • Customer satisfaction
Benefits Leading Traffic
Drifter D M

Leading Traffic

  • Reduced time consumed in traffic
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Driver Satisfaction
Benefits Park Monitoring
Drifter D M

Park Monitoring

  • End of penalty fees
  • No need manuel control
  • Dynamic price for overstay
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With Drifter APP, it’s win-win for everyone

Drifter App provides a single payment solution for all parking and charging points throughout Europe.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Best routes through in-app navigation
  • Rewarding mechanism
  • No extra surcharge on kWh, time or transaction
  • Subscription packs for different needs

Drifter App will be launched in Oct 2022 in Sweden, in Q2 2023 in Scandinavia, then in all Europe.

Drifter CLOUD is one of the major data hubs of a Smart City

The happy place where all data flowing from DrifterBOX, Drifter ChargeBOX and Drifter APP is kept, visualized, interpreted and reported.

  • Custom dashboard
  • Reliable and correct sensor data
  • Advanced and flexible real-time data visualization
  • Smart energy history and environmental monitoring
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Not just a charger, but a control center

Drifter ChargeBOX has AI control unit by itself so it has various skills.

  • Identification through license plate
  • SMS notification even Drifter app is not installed
  • Plug & Charge (no app needed!)
  • Congestion determination & prediction
  • Incorrect parkingdetermination

Drifter ChargeBOX provides different hardware options for different needs, like BRFs, real estate, public, etc.

Integration-friendly Drifter ChargeBOX can work with or without DrifterBOX.

Easy 1
Drifter D M


We aim to have easy access to charging.

Drifter Compatible
Drifter D M


Works with or without existing solutions.

Innovative 1
Drifter D M


Drifter is the future of parking & EV charging

Data 2
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Converts data into actionable format.